Rock Combination Auger: 10T - 20T

  • Rock Combination Auger: 10T - 20T
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    RC8 Rock Combination Auger 10T - 20T

    Our 8 Series augers are specially designed for Backhoes, Excavators, and machines up to 30t.

    For efficient drilling, the key is an effective auger cutting head. The RC8 uses taper fit rock teeth, mounted close together for better cutting. "Gauge" teeth behind the lead outer teeth help maintain hole size.

    Augers 300mm and above feature double helix flighting to.

    Need something longer? Digga West has a full range of auger extensions available to suit your specific requirements

    • Variety of HUB options
      Variety of hub options to cater for your specific needs.
    • Heavy Duty Tube
      Heavy duty tube made from the highest grade steel.
    • Drill into Rock
      Dig holes in earth, hard soils, dry clay, asphalt, concrete, shale and fracturable rock.
    • Adapters and Extensions
      Full range of adaptors and extensions available to maximise drilling depths.
    • Australian Made
      Proudly Australian manufactured. Providing customers with only the best quality for over 30 years.
    • TRU-CUT Design
      A 300mm auger cuts a 300mm hole. No more oversized holes.
    • Kock In & Knock Out
      Bolt in hex pilot bit and knock in & out taper fit teeth require no special tools.
    Specification RC8
    Drilling Conditions Combo Earth & Rock
    Standard Hub 75 mm Square
    Hub Options Please Ask
    Overall Length 1500 mm
    Flights (Lead) 10 mm
    Flights (Carry) 10 mm
    Teeth TT
    Pilot PH-3
    Ideal Drives PD12-PD22
    Optimum Drilling Speeds RPM
    Earth 55-65
    Clay 45-55
    Shale (Fracturable Rock) 25-45
    Heavy Rock N / A

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