• Skid Steer Loader Slasher

    Skid Steer Loader Slasher

    Slasher For Skid Steer Loaders

    The Slasha is a slashing attachment for Skid Steer Loaders that can be used for the effective cutting and clearing of grass and low ground shrubbery. It comes complete with hoses, couplers and fixed mount multifit frame to suit parent machine with the option of a side shift frame. Ideal for landscaping, agriculture, roadway maintenance, parks maintenance, and general slashing.

    • Available with fixed or side shift frame
    • Adjustable height 40 - 140mm
    • Chain curtain for debris suppresion
    • Twin blade, dual rotation, single cutting bar
    • Heavy duty construction - built for Australian conditions
    • Optional jockey wheel (for use with skid steer loaders only)
    • 3 width options; 1250mm (49"), 1500mm (59"), 1800mm (70")
    • Rounded side skids for smoother manoeuvrability over
      uneven terrain


    • Three Widths Available
      Widths available: 1250mm, 1500mm, and 1800mm.
    • Heavy Duty Construction
      Digga slashers for skid steer loaders are quality built to widthstand the rigours of Australian conditions.
    • Jockey Wheel Ready
      Optional jockey wheel available - For skid steer loaders only.
    • Adjustable Height
      Uses a twin blade dual rotation single cutting bar. Cutting height can be adjusted from 40mm - 140mm.
    • Chain Curtain
      Chain curtain included for debris suppression.
    • Rounded Skids
      Rounded side skids for smoother maneuvrability over uneven terrain.
    Specification 1250mm 1500MM 1800mm
    Machine Suitability Small Skid Steers Standard Skid Steers Standard Skid Steers
    Weight 295 Kg 370 Kg 470 Kg
    Length 1700 mm 1860 mm 2115 mm
    Width (Overall) 1443 mm 1630 mm 1930 mm
    Height 600 mm 605 mm 665 mm
    Motor Size 4.9 Cubic Inch EATON Motor 4.9 Cubic Inches EATON Bell Motor 4.9 Cubic Inches EATON Bell Motor
    Rec. Flow 50 - 100 lpm 45 - 100 lpm 40 - 100 lpm
    Max Pressure 240 bar 240 bar 240 bar

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