Cement Mixa

  • Cement Mixa
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    Cement Mixa

    Digga's Cement Mixa can mix anything from cement to fertilizer and fits quickly and easily to your Digga Planetary Auger Drive (Auger Drive sold separately).


    • Maintenance Free
      Mixer assembly has no bearings or serviceable parts.
    • Digga Auger Drives
      Suits all current modelDigga Auger Drives (sold separately).
    • Innovative Design
      New Design with easy connection. Suits skid steers, front end loaders, and tractors.
    • Diverse Mixing Capability
      Mix anything from cement to fertilizer. Available in 3.5 Cubic Feet (100 Litre).
    • Cradle Positioner With Foot
      Fits quickly & easily to existing auger drive cradle.
    Specification 3.5 Cubic Ft Working Capacity
    Length 1424 mm
    Width 1212 mm
    Height 1571 mm
    Width (Bowl Only) 740 mm
    Max Flow 75-230 lpm
    Max Pressure 240 bar
    Weight (Bowl, PD3 & Frame) 173 kg
    Weight (Bowl & Cradle) 53 kg

    Note: Maximum operating capacity is measured at an operating angle - not in an upright position depicting total capacity.

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