Mini Angle Blade

  • Mini Angle Blade
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    Mini Angle Blade

    The Digga Mini Angle Dozer Blade is a versatile attachment for dozing, leveling ground and general earthmoving works.

    • 46” Width (1168mm)
    • 30° left and right angle.
    • Replaceable wear edge.
    • ML-000200: Requires single remotes (2 hoses).


    Ideal Use:

    Dozing, grading, leveling of material in earthworks, landscaping, road works and more

    Machine Suitability:

    Mini Machines, Mini Loaders

    Height 431mm
    Width 1168 mm
    Length 558 mm
    Angle - Left and Right 30 degrees
    Blade width at maximum angle 1016 mm
    Width from centreline to inside edge at maximum angle 584 mm
    Width from centreline to outside edge at maximum angle 393 kg
    Weight 116 kg

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