Aluminium Loading Ramps

Aluminium Loading Ramps

A light weight loading ramp with enhanced safety that delivers on quality, performance, and is cost effective. European designed and engineered, the new Digga Ezi-Loada ramps feature the most advanced design in the Australian market today. Digga’s new aluminium loading ramps include a standard range (1t to 6.2t) and a Universal range (5.2t to 9t).

  • Patented extruded double T-rail with interlocking rungs
  • 3 different connection methods
  • Enhanced beam strength
  • 18 Month Warranty
  • CE, TUV and GS certification
  • New stronger rung design
  • Reinforced bottom and top rungs
  • Low to the ground bottom rung
  • Superior strength & durability


  • 3 Ramp Attachment Options
    Pin: Inserted through the ramp tray.
    Tongue: Fits between truck bed and tail gate.
    Chain: Chain ramp to truck or other structure.
  • Highest International Standards
    Our ramps have been certified to the highest international standards includig CE, GS, and TUV certifications. These certifications guarantee the quality and safety of the ramps.
  • Stronger Rails
    Patented, fully extruded, double T-beam design, interlocks the rungs into the body of the rail. No physical load is taken by the weld alone. The welds (top & bottom), hold the rung in its fitted position, adding superior strength & durability.
  • Reinforced Easy Load Design
    Reinforced, easy load, lead on/off design are safer and more durable than conventional ramp designs.
  • Low Profile Bottom Rung
    The reinforced bottom rung sits low to the ground ensuring machines don’t have to ‘step up’ onto the ramp. As a result the bottom few rungs won’t bend, as so often is the case with current ramp designs. The ride is also much smoother.

Standard Loading Ramp Range

  • Suitable for rubber tyres and rubber track machines
  • Rung design prevents clogging up with mud, stones, and other debris reducing the risk of tyre/track slippage
  • New rung design cleans the wheels/tracks as machines climb the ramp, minimising debris taken onto the truck
  • New rung design allows operators to safely walk up the ramp
  • Smoothest ride of any ramp on the market

Universal Loading Ramp Range

  • Superior strength, versatility, and safety
  • The first dual purpose loading ramp available for rubber, steel tracked, and wheeled machines
  • Rungs are level with the top of the main supporting rail, minimising wear and providing greater durability
  • Patented, studded rungs are machined from a solid, not hollow extrusion, minimising slip or loss of grip during the loading/unloading activity


Ezi-Loada Ramp Specifications

Part No 1000mm 1500mm 2000mm Ramp Length Internal Width External Width Beam Weight
LR152530 1.5T 2.48m 255mm 300mm 64mm 14kg
LR233030 2.0T 2.3T 2.3T 3.0m 300mm 360mm 100mm 24kg
LR303030 2.6T 3.0T 3.0T 3.0m 300mm 360mm 115mm 26kg
LR303535 3.0T 3.5m 350mm 410mm 115mm 36kg
LR353535 3.0T 3.5T 3.6T 3.5m 350mm 410mm 125mm 37kg
LR403545 3.5T 4.0T 4.2T 3.5m 450mm 510mm 140mm 46kg
LR473545 4.2T 4.7T 5.0T 3.5m 450mm 510mm 155mm 48kg
LR473550 4.1T 4.7T 4.9T 3.5m 500mm 560mm 155mm 51kg
LR593545 5.2T 5.9T 6.2T 3.5m 450mm 510mm 165mm 56kg
LRU593550 5.2T 5.9T 6.2T 3.5m 500mm 560mm 165mm 61kg
LRU663550 6.3T 6.6T 7.0T 3.5m 500mm 560mm 170mm 66kg
LRU823550 7.8T 8.2T 9.0T 3.5m 500mm 560mm 180mm 70kg

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