Harley Rakes

The most versatile attachment you will ever own. Pulverise and prepare seedbed, de-thatch or remove old lawns and weeds all with one tool. Cut drainage grades, skim passes for over-seeding or prepare and condition job sites for seeding. Remove rock and other debris by windrowing or make a pile for easy pick-up with your loaders bucket.

Seedbed preparation, site clean up, rejuvenating old turf, reconditioning hard soil, trench restoration, leveling, windrowing debris, drying out muddy sites, site preparation and blending materials.

  • Single hydraulic motor, mounted high, clear of the ground
  • Pure carbide teeth for longer life
  • Dual independently adjustable gauge wheels
  • Adjustable urethane barrier
  • Slews for windrowing debris
  • Ideal for fine finishing landscaping


Specifications M5H M6H MX7H MX8H
Machine Skid Steer Loader Skid Steer Loader Skid Steer Loader Skid Steer Loader
Weight (Kgs) 425 419 476 598
Length (Overall) 1498 1625 1625 1930
Width (Overall) 1828 2057 2362 2540
Raking Width (Full Angle) 1473 1727 2006 2159
Angle Roll 20° 20° 20° 20°
Min Rec Flow (LPM) 49 49 57 64
Max Flow (LPM) 75 94 94 94
Hitch Multifit Multifit Multifit Multifit

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