Rotary Tiller

The Rotary Tiller is an attachment for ground preparation prior to turfing, planting, seeding.

  • Dual rotation with bi-directional tynes.
  • Two position offset mount that covers wheel/tracks and allows tight cut next to obstacles.
  • Front edge is designed to level out uneven ground.
  • Rear scarifier assembly significantly increases productivity by combining the tractive effort and force of the loader with hydraulic power of the tiller.
  • High torque efficient chain system and high clearance hood to handle trash.
  • Adjustable scarifier depth.
  • 2 Year limited warranty
  • Optional Scarifier Teeth available
  • Suits Skid Steer Loaders


Specifications HT-000001
Width (overall)
Max Tilling Width 1680mm
Length (overall) 1220mm
Height (overall) 890mm
Tilling Depth 150mm
Weight 454kgs
Number of tynes 32
Number of Scarifier Teeth (optional) 5

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