Skid Steer Loader: High Flow

Digga’s PD4HF to PD6HF range of drilling auger drive units are ideally suited for high flow skid steer loaders with a flow between 70 to 150 lpm. They are fitted with Digga / Eaton bell motors with integrated pressure relief valve and input housing. The innovative design allows the gearbox to go down the hole to maximise drilling depth without extensions, eliminating downtime and minimises maintenance, optimising your returns. Digga planetary auger drives are specially designed for drilling and augering in most ground conditions.

  • Compact high torque Digga manufactured gearbox
  • Highly efficient design with less moving parts
  • Fitted with Eaton/Digga geroler hydraulic motor
  • No case drain required
  • Full range of shafts available upon request
  • Extreme duty shaft locking system
  • Drive fits down the hole for greater digging depth
  • Low maintenance with 5yr gear box and 3yr motor warranty


  • Ability to add Swing Control
    Digga’s patented Swing Control System dampens the auger drive / auger swing allowing operators to shake dirt off their augers and travelling around sites safer and easier. SCS also greatly improves productivity by making it easier to return the auger into the hole.
  • PRV Included
    Eliminates the need for a bulky and expensive valve block.
  • Cutting Edge Design
    Digga drives are the most compact in the industry. Digga drives can be put down the hole for greater hole depth without voiding the warranty.
  • 2 Piece Shaft Design
    Isolates the planetary gears from excessive side load. Oversized thrust washer and lock nuts secure the shaft. Easy seal changes and easier servicing.
  • Integrated Motor & Output
    Reduces weight and size of drive. Reduces potential leak points and number of parts.
  • Ability to add Diggalign
    Diggalign is an auger alignment system which indicates when an auger or screw pile is not vertical or plumb, ensuring correct alignment when drilling or anchoring. Diggalign monitors forward / aft & side to side positioning and can be set at any angle
  • Eaton Motor
    Digga designed the Bell motor in conjunction with Eaton. The Motors are highly reliable and serviceable worldwide.
  • Australian Made
    Quality Materials used in production and Digga Controls all facets of production and quality control.
  • True Warranty
    Digga stands behind its products with industry leading warranty and after sale service. 5 year gearbox and 3 year motor warranty – Guaranteed.
  • Lifetime Shaft Pull Out Warranty
    We guarantee our shafts will not fall out – even after continuous use.
Specification PD4HF PD6HF
Rec Flow Range 60-150 lpm 70-150 lpm
Nominal Torque 4500 Nm 5600 Nm
Pressure Valve Fitted Included Included
Max Pressure – – – – – – – – – – Do not exceed 240 bar @ 150 lpm- – – – – – – – – –
Max Flow – – – – – – – – – – Do not exceed 230 lpm @ 150 bar- – – – – – – – – –
Max Power – – – – – – – – – – Do not exceed 60 Kw (80 hp)- – – – – – – – – –
Overall Length 950 mm 950 mm
Diameter 290 mm 290 mm
Weight (no frame / hitch) 149 Kg 149 Kg
Std Output Shaft 75 mm Square 75 mm Square
Swing Control Optional Optional
Diggalign Optional Optional
Rec Auger A6 / A7 A6 / A7
Max Auger Dia Clay / Shale 750 mm 900 mm
Max Auger Dia Earth 1000 mm 1200 mm

(*) Max/min drilling diameter (DIA) dependant on ground conditions. Guide is a recommendation only.

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