Vibratory Roller

The hydraulic drives of the roller are protected and isolated to provide maximum performance and reliability. These hard-hitting units can deliver up to 4250kgs of dynamic force when operating at 95LPM. It’s versatility makes the roller highly effective on a wide range of materials including sand, gravel, soils and asphalt.

The Digga Vibratory Roller is available with a smooth drum or pad foot drum providing our customers with a productive and cost effective compaction attachment. The steel drum has an adjustable steel scraper blade between the frame and the drum, ensuring smooth and uniform compaction performance.

Ideal Use

Rental fleets, contractors, landscaping, roadways, walkways, bike paths, golf courses, bridges and parking lots.



Padded Foot Roller also Available

Specifications VR-000001 VR-000003 VR-000004 VR-000005
Drum Width 1675 mm 1675 mm 1854mm 2133mm
Drum Diameter 600mm 508 mm 600mm 600mm
 Drum Type Smooth Pad Foot Smooth Smooth
Dynamic Force 3500 kgs 3538 kgs 3878 kgs 4250 kgs
Operating Weight 975 kgs 946 kgs 1043 kgs 1147 kgs
Vibrating Speed 2,600 vpm 2,600 vpm 2,600 vpm 2,600 vpm
Maximum Flow 95 LPM 95 LPM 95 LPM 95 LPM

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