Flail Mower

Digga’s Flail Mower for Excavators up to 6 tonnes has been engineered to handle your toughest vegetation management jobs. Ideal for clearing vegetation on hillsides, roadways, ditches, utility right-of-ways, riverbanks, lakes and more.

  • Digga Flail Mowers are higher quality, more durable & better engineered
  • Our drive train & blade system are designed to out-perform and outlast the competition
  • Bi-directional cutting & discharge allows the operator to control the direction of cut materials away from buildings, roadways & bystanders
  • Digga Flail Mowers easily manage grass, vegetation & hardwoods up to 100mm in diameter. Diameters up to 150mm can be managed as well on an occasional basis
  • The adjustable skid shoes do not interfere with or obstruct cutting capability in either direction
  • The manifold can be mounted on either side for optimal hose routings
  • Blades come to a complete stop within 5 seconds when connected to the bi-directional circuit increaseing safety for operators and bystanders

  • Impact Absorbtion
    The torsion disc improves on conventional rubber disc isolation technology by using metal springs to absorb stress forces experienced during operation. Rubber discs can oxidise and eventually break, leading to possible damage to the drivetrain. Our torsion disc metal springs will outlast the rubber disc in other flail mowers.

  • Smoother Cuts
    Unlike other Flail Mowers, our patent-pending staggered blade pattern significantly reduces the transfer of cyclical impact forces to the drivetrain. This reduces wear and tear on the entire drivetrain maximising its operational life. It also provides a smoother experience for the operator when mowing or cutting.

  • Drivetrain Protection
    Some Flail Mowers have only one flange with the other rotor assembly end exposed to dirt and debris. Others use smaller flanges, which also leave the rubber isolation discs exposed. The Digga Flail Mower has a heavy duty flange on both ends of the rotor to protect the drivetrain and prevent wire from causing damage.

  • Unobstructed Cutting Access
    Equipped with adjustable skid shoes that allow material to contact the blades without obstruction in either direction. Other Flail Mowers incorporate rollers useful for following the terrain but obstruct access to the blades. Material can also get caught in the roller.

  • Increased Safety
    The blades on our Flail Mower come to a complete stop in 4-5 seconds when connected to the bi-directional circuit. Other Flail Mower blades can take up to 20-30 seconds to stop completely when shut down. This may pose a safety concern for the operator or bystanders.
Model FLM-000001
Rec Flow Range (lpm) 65-85
Max Pressure Do not exceed 240 Bar
Cutting Capacity (mm) 100
Rotational Speed (rpm) 1800-2200
Machine Suitability (tonnes) Up to 6
Case Drain Required * Yes
Overall Width (mm) 813
Cutting Width (mm) 724
Depth (mm) 750
Weight (kg) 380
Blade Stands 8

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